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What we stand for

At Compass Research we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and ensuring you have the insight required to immediately take action based on the findings we provide.   The basis of our success is through five core values, which we strictly apply to every task we undertake.

Excellence: Demand for high standards, both from internal and external resources.

Integrity: Honest and realistic appraisal of what Compass Research can supply and what we can enable you to achieve. We won't promise if we can't deliver.

Innovation: Looking for new and relevant ways to build solutions and develop best practice.

Diagnosis: Commitment to fully understand your business objectives and fully analyse the results; to keep digging until the detail is unearthed.  We always review videos of our group discussions and listen to depth interview recordings following fieldwork, to ensure accurate and detailed insight.

People centred: Regular personal liaison with you, working alongside you and your team, providing on-going feedback and tailoring our communications to fit your working climate.

A Compass Research Director is always personally involved in each research project, to provide day to day liaison and carry out the majority of the qualitative fieldwork. This helps us to develop a close working relationship with you; putting us in an excellent position to interpret research findings and present realistic and practical business solutions.