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Quantitative Research

Our expertise within quantitative research is extensive and we excel at both individual projects and multi-staged research, including qualitative and quantitative studies, providing continuity of one team across the different methodologies.

Question design and Data CollectionNumerical equations

We pay great attention to the quality of all the stages of data collection, to ensure you have the highest standards feasible. We use all quantitative methods induding:
  • phone
  • on-line
  • face-to-face
  • postal surveys

We are continually educating ourselves in new techniques, to ensure we undertake the most appropriate methodology to meet your needs.  Always taking a pragmatic approach to ensure you receive robust findings, you can have the confidence to act upon.

Data Analysis

These standards continue through into our data analysis, which is focused upon your business objectives.  The data itself doesn't produce the findings, these are unearthed through indepth investigation, using a range of analytical techniques and data mining.  We recognise consumers are becoming more market savvy, which may influence their responses and hence we check our findings for logic and how they fit within the boundaries of ours and your knowledge and expectations.

Results Presentation

Compass takes great pride in their presentations ensuring clarity and focus on the facts you need to hear, without over whelming you. We present 'the story' of the findings, using themes to answer your objectives, rather than a presentation following the questionnaire. Our clear recommendations allow you to apply the findings to your business decisions immediately.

To discuss your research requirements contact us through our Contact form or call us on 0115 923 5865