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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Group DiscussionCompass Research is reknowned for the quality of the qualitative research insights that are delivered to our clients.

We are fascinated by the consumer and grab every opportunity to spend time with them; in traditional or creative groups, workshops, client-consumer brainstorming or intimate depth sceanrios, gathering an understanding of their lives, behaviours and attitudes and understanding how you can maximise these within your business.  Our interest isn't limited to just consumers, but also within the business arena as well, through conducting b-2-b research.

Whether you want to understand the mind set and habits of a particular target market, or identify the opportunity for a new product or marketing concept, assess the effectiveness of an advert, or guide the design of a magazine, we put huge amounts of energy and care into gathering and delivering actionable findings that you understand and hence are able to take as seamlessly as possible into your buisness.


Compass is known for its high standards and we do not accept second best.   We believe strongly in the absolute necessity for accurate recruitment of any defined criteria and we are recognised for undertaking and recruiting difficult profiles to the highest standard.  

"Compass Research demands the highest possible quality of recruitment of their clients.  Often requesting complex and sensitive profiles, Compass stay close to the recruitment process, are challenging and never accept second best" - Sheryle Moran, Leeds Research Studio 

Analysis Day WorkingAnalysis days

Compass Research enjoys working closely with our clients and we invite you, with another representative from the working team, to a qualitative analysis day. This enables us to work as an integrated team and allows you to debate the consumer responses, in much more detail than can be explored at the final presentation. An advantage of taking part in an analysis day is the ability for you to be submerged in the findings at a deeper level, which you can then utilise within the business.


We always challenge ourselves to ensure that the findings are presented back to you in a clear and engaging way, focusing on your core objectives.  We are able to offer alternative fomats including video sections from groups/depths, to highlight the insights which form the recommendations.

To discuss your research requirements contact us through our Contact form or call us on 0115 923 5865