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Case Studies

Compass have a range of experience across a variety of sectors - the following examples provide an overview of our depth and breadth of experience

Annuities and Pensions
Synopsis : As well as providing products to meet consumer requirements it is also vital that supporting literature provided to Advisers and employees enables them to promote and discuss the product successfully. After developing a new pension product, new literature was also designed and research was required to ensure both meet the needs of all the stakeholders.

Co-Creation Strategic Development workshop
Synopsis : At short notice, Compass was asked to conduct research with people living in different types of communities; including rural and urban locations. The objective was to understand their living environments and develop a number of brand propositions that could enhance their lives and brand use.

Confectionary Packaging
Synopsis : It is not always clear why product sales are declining and after much desk research and discussion with the distribution teams, Compass were asked to identify whether a clients confectionary product was experiencing declining sales as a result of; the product, the price, the merchandising, or the packaging

Detailed investigation of customers journey to taking out financial products
Synopsis : With the emergence of digital as a channel of choice for many, our leading 'Financial Services' client wanted to understand the real impact of the internet vs. telephone and branch on the product purchase process.

End of Life Planning
Synopsis : A leading Mutual and their Financial Corporate Partner, wanted to develop an ‘Over 50’s Legal Charge Service’, which would be invoked upon death.

Investment Customer Journey
Synopsis : Building valuable long customer relationships can be difficult, especially for longer term investments which can require relatively low maintenance from the policy holder and are currently only supported by annual statements and regulatory mailings from the provider.

Investment Product Development
Synopsis : It is more difficult for a client to design or refine a product when it is sold primarily through the Advisor network. It is also extremely challenging to understand why a product isn’t performing to satisfaction and what could be done to increase sales, when IFA’s are the consumer face of the product.

Member Magazine Development and Creative Imagery
Synopsis : In order to design a successful and appealing customer magazine, it is crucial that the target market is well understood.

Mortgage Assessment and Communication strategy 22.01.2014
Synopsis : Compass Research worked with a client over a period of 18 months to initially identify customers awareness of and attitude to their Interest Only Mortgage, followed by testing different communication to encourage contact with our client.

Payment Protection Insurance
Synopsis : Compass have worked with a financial services client and their Corporate Partner, to deliver a three stage research journey, including customer segmentation.

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