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About Us

Proactive solutions

Under the manifying glassThe more information you have at your disposal the more informed your decisions are. Whether through primary research which has been tailored to your objectives, one of Compass's syndicated research initiatives, or seconday research, we can provide invaluable insight into stakeholder attitudes and your market place, thus ensuring you are empowered to make the most appropriate business decisions.

Compass Research has excellent links across a range of industries and our unique approach to ad hoc and syndicated research involves 6 key stages:


    • Understanding your business need – by getting to know you and understanding your business strategy, we ensure that we appreciate where the research fits within your strategy

    • Project design – this is always tailored to the individual project. Using new and traditional research methodologies, as appropriate, the right project design is fundamental to effective research and actionable findings. 

    • Research implementation – A Director of Compass Research always leads a project, liases with you, undertakes the majority of fieldwork, analyses and presents the findings.  

    • Quality Control - Compass Research closely monitors the quality of any third parties e.g. recruitment, quantitative fieldwork and ensures all parties work within the Market Research Code of Conduct and to our high standards.

    • Analysis of results – Thorough analysis of fieldwork is a key success measure for Compass Research and one, which is regularly complemented upon.  All groups are videoed and interviews taped in order that we can view and listen to all  fieldwork as part of our analysis process. We pride ourselves on the ability to dig and question, until every aspect of the study has been analysed.

    • Deliverable – Having worked on both the agency and client side of research, we fully appreciate the importance of the final deliverable.  Therefore we attach great importance in ensuring our deliverables are tailored to meet your needs and impart the findings in the clearest manner possible, with actionable recommendations.